Diabetes – Diets more effective and secure for slimming

When you suffer from diabetes, the first council of doctors is to keep the weight under control, which must always be in the norm. A bodyweight healthy helps our body to manage blood sugar levels and reduces the possibility of further complications such as stroke or heart attack. Who has diabetes and wants to lose weight, it is important to do it safely. Try to lose weight too quickly or adopt a diet too restrictively may be counterproductive and bring problems in the management of blood sugar.

For this reason, persons with diabetes must take into account several factors when they decide to go on a diet, as the age, state of health in general, the amount of weight you should miss. The first council of experts is to rely on their doctor diabetology of confidence. However, according to the guidelines, the best slimming diet for people who suffer from diabetes is that in the long term.

We must not focus to lose weight but to change lifestyle generally.

In this regard, the following diets involve making changes healthy in the long term to help you lose weight effectively and safely. The Mediterranean diet: not by chance, one of the diets more appreciated by the experts. The Mediterranean diet includes many types of vegetables, wholegrain cereals, fruit with moderation, dried fruits and seeds, herbs and spices, olive oil for seasoning, healthy proteins such as lean dairy products, fish and lean meats, eggs. The authors of a revision of 2017 have observed that the Mediterranean diet is an excellent choice for those who have diabetes and wants to lose weight.


Were put in evidence the results of a study lasted 2 years which has involved 36 adults with obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Participants have followed a diet with a low content of carbohydrates, a Mediterranean diet or a low-fat diet for 2 years. The Mediterranean diet was the most favorable as regards the changes in insulin and in glucose levels in the fasting state. Those who have followed the Mediterranean diet have also lost on average 1.5 kg more than those with a low-fat diet.

Paleolithic Diet: the Paleolithic diet or “paleo” follow the food conditions of thousands of years ago. The cardinal points of a paleolithic diet include fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and fish. Many of the foods included in the diet paleo are similar to those of the diet with a low content of carbohydrates as diet paleo prohibits the use of most of the cereals. The diet for diabetics included meals distributed in a uniform manner that contained alimentary fibers, wholemeal bread, cereals, and vegetables. Researchers have discovered that the diet paleo was richer in calories with respect to a diabetic diet.

The participants noted a greater weight loss with diet paleo but there is to say that they found it more difficult to follow

A diet for diabetes with a low content of carbohydrates: in fact, the diets with a low content of carbohydrates limit the intake of carbohydrates by providing greater quantities of proteins of ​​e healthy fats. Not all carbohydrates should be deleted but only those high Glycemic Index and that increase so sudden sugars in the blood. Examples of foods to avoid in a low carb diet: potatoes, rice, white bread, cakes and sweets in general, pasta. Those who follow a diet with a low content of carbohydrates should enter in their feed many vegetables and assume many proteins from fish, lean meat and eggs.

mediterranean diet

A study has involved adults with pre-diabetes or types 2 diabetes and with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 25 years. Study participants followed a diet with a low content of carbohydrates, high-fat content and without calories or a diet with a low content of carbohydrates, low fat and low in calories. After 3 months, the group on a diet with a low content of carbohydrates and fats has lost 5,5 kg, compared to a loss of weight of 2,6 kg for those who follow a diet with a low content of carbohydrates and fats.

In addition, 44% of those with a diet with a low content of carbohydrates has stopped at least a drug for the treatment of diabetes. Being a particular diet, always ask before Council to your doctor. Vegetarian or Vegan: Diets Vegetarian and vegan eliminate the flesh and concentrate on fruit, vegetables, wholegrain cereals, nuts, and seeds.

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