Japanese car, which survived after the commercial war

In the 1979 year 22-year-old, Neil Vining noticed a strange call in the paper. The Automotive Company “Honda Motorcycle” seeks to employ workers for its first factory in the US before 1979, the town of Mariswil, Ohio, has a population of only 7,000 people, a school, several shops and a handful of restaurants.

But for the negative time shall be converted into the new Detroit, a “Honda Motorcycle” became an important part of automotive in the USA. Today, “Honda Motorcycle”, “Toyota”, “Nissan” and “Subaru” have plants across America. A Toyota and “Mazda” plan to open a new plant in Alabama, cost of $1.6 billion.

In the 2018 year, Japanese car companies have opened 1.6 million jobs in the United States. They produce one-third of cars in the country have contracts for 61.3 billion dollars of cars, constructed mainly with import Japanese parts of value 16 billion dollars.

Naturally, similar to the growing strength of China, Donald Trump sees and Japanese cars as a problem. He described them as a threat to security and has threatened to raise the fees of the import parts and cars with over 25%. This causes the future of Japanese car companies in America to look at first glance uncertain.

japanese car

But this is not the first time in which this is happening. In the 1980 USA announces a trade war of the Japanese car companies and raise tariffs for them. But these measures do not stop “Honda Motorcycle”. Only help her on the road to rising. When the car company arrives for the first time in America, the label “directly in Japan’ does nothing.

He is often associated with poor performance and machinery as after the end of the Second World War the country had a weak economy. All mocked her of “Made in Japan”, while in 50-they, quality cameras Minolta and Pentax not market spilled oil over her body and not changed entirely the opinion of Americans. In 1959.

In Los Angeles is based American Honda Car Motor Co., which begins to import small motors as “Honda Motorcycle 50”

Just a few years the sales of the company literally can be placed – from 500,000 Loan for 1960. To 77 million dollars for 1965. “You’re meeting most pleasant people in the “Honda Motorcycle” is converted in the advertising corporate slogan of the mark and inspire even song of the Beach Boys, bearing the name Little Honda Car (“Small Honda Motorcycle”).

In 1973 strained relations of the United States with the Arab Emirates cause embargo on oil and fuel prices to jump very much. Americans are beginning to seek smaller and economical cars… And here the assistance comes “Honda Motorcycle”. And today it is one of the main factors for the high sales of the Japanese brand – their economy. In 1970 appears and the contract for the fresh air.

In 1974 the engineers of “Honda Motorcycle” to invent a new engine that converts Civic Honda Car in the first car which meets the harmful emissions. After so many successes, “Honda Motorcycle” decides to extend their business and not just to import products in America but and to assemble them there. In 1979. The factory in Mariswil opens doors.

japanese car

The Japanese choose exactly this town because that all there are as close and diligent. When the recession hit the states in 1980, Japan is the second-biggest economy in the world. Many Americans fear that the Asian country will overtake them, including the White House. And similar to Trump today, Ronald Reagan started to impose sanctions and restrictions over the Japanese companies.

The prices of the “Made in Japan’ cars should have jumped. But from the “Honda Motorcycle” is not left – they have concluded contracts with local car companies and built more factories in the territory of the States. “Nissan” followed this example and opened its first factory in the 1983 year in Tennessee.

Toyota is positioned in California and concluded a contract with General Motors

And to pick up more territory, companies started to sell larger and luxury cars, competitive of usual our cars. So emerged Acura Honda Car and Toyota Lexus. Despite the sanctions, Japanese cars they thrive – up to 1991 one of every three cars are made in Japan”. Up to 2007. Toyota conquered General Motors and be converted in the largest producer of cars in the world. 12 years pass quickly and Japanese car giants are once again under the barrel of pistols.

But this time the high fees will not injure only companies but and will cost many jobs and will affect not only us users but and businesses. But this time the outcome of this war may not be positive.

The penalties which the administration of Trump prepares to adopt, they insulted owners of Toyota, who say that “they sent a message that the investments of the company in the United States are not welcome and that the contribution of each employee in America, not prices”. The company added that he hopes the negotiations on the issue of the import and marketing to be overturned quickly.

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