Prevention against heatstroke

The heat these days is really intolerable. We must defend itself to avoid heatstroke consequences that can also be serious, especially for the elderly and children. To help us came to the guide who with a series of tips to cope with the record heat, which points the finger into the effects of administration of drugs antipyretics.

If a person has the skin very hot, has convulsions, call a doctor immediately and in waiting to move it in a cool place and put it in a horizontal position by relieving them legs and sides, tagliatelle garments and used cold compresses on the neck, armpits, and bikini to lower the temperature.

You can also spray on the skin water at 25-30°. But the paracetamol in these cases is not absolutely to be administered. Given that this summer could be even hotter, it is good to know how to behave. The excess heat, in fact, has physiological impacts very heavy on our body, especially in those who have already tried from pre-existing conditions such as chronic diseases.


Keep the house cool

  • Check the temperature of the room that should be below 32° day and 24° at night.
  • This is especially important for children, the elderly and sick people. During the day close windows and shutters, especially those most exposed to the sun.
  • Switch off all artificial lighting and, if possible, even all the electrical devices.
  • Refreshed home at night, open all windows (and also the blinds if possible) until early morning. Make shadow using sun curtains or blinds.
  • Hang wet towels to cool the air in the rooms who uses the air conditioning should close doors and windows for not wasting energy and create the best fresh environments.
  • The electric fans are useful and provide relief but if the temperature exceeds 35° are not able to prevent the blows of heat. To avoid this it is important to drink.

Keep away from heat

  • Especially at night, we should sleep in the room more fresh home using sheets read and avoiding the cushions for not accumulating heat.
  • If your home is particularly warm, it is good to spend 2-3 hours per day in a cool place, even if it is fresh air conditioning.
  • Not outputs in the hottest periods of the day and have always been in the shade avoid intense physical activity.
  • If you really want to make it better, choose the early hours of the morning. Do not leave children or pets in parked vehicles never even a minute!

Keep the body fresh and hydrated

  • Cool down with showers or baths but also with cold compresses, foot baths signature, or with the aid of a wet towel.
  • Always wear a hat broad-brimmed or cap, sunglasses and lightweight garments made with natural materials.
  • Drink regularly avoiding caffeine, alcohol and sugary drinks. Eat little and often, avoiding foods much protein

Help others

  • If you know people who live alone, let them more often visit.
  • Talk about the risks of heatwaves with your family, everyone must know what to do if you know subjects at risk, for example, an elderly person, give advice and support if a person is taking drugs, it is good to ask your doctor if these affect in some way on the thermoregulation and water balance.
  • Attend a first aid course you will be useful to learn how to deal with emergencies thermal as well as other types of risk situations.

If you or others do not feel well

  • Ask for help if you experience dizziness, weakness, anxiety or thirst and headache intense.
  • Drink water or fruit juice to rehydrate the body. Relax in a cool place if you have muscle spasms pain legs, arms or abdomen (if last more than an hour to consult with your doctor).
  • Drink solutions containing electrolytes in order to rehydrate the body. If a person feels unwell and is unconscious, place it on one side.
  • You can also spray on the skin water at 25-30°. The paracetamol in these cases is not to be administered.
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