Serious vulnerability to VLC players found by CERT-BUND

Video playback is a popular VLC Media Player. This is a free, open-source, the world’s most…… and, not to say is quite a popular cross-platform media player. Unfortunately, this is a serious potential at the VLC security vulnerability is newly found. This is a patch on the staff of the VideoLAN project, you might uninstall it. The score is 9.8, and the crisis by in future this vulnerability was found by a German Federal Agency CERT-BUND for computer emergency response team. Vulnerability Information Database and registered as a “CVE-2019-13615” this problem “Is it a crisis,” and the 9.8-point score. The vulnerability could allow remote code execution and potential (RCE); this allows a malicious attacker to install software without permission, alteration, or you can run. In addition, to publish the files on the host system, there is also the possibility that. From a hole in the flat, VLC hackers to hack into a computer you will be able to view the file. Damage that is not yet …

But the good news is that now, no one has yet doesn’t seem to attempt to exploit this vulnerability.

But according to the report of the winning future affects all versions of Windows, Linux, UNIX, and it is different for macOS. This means that a huge number of PC, but to sum up, the risk of hacking. The patch is being developed to realize this situation VideoLAN is currently in the development of the patch. Approximately 60% until now, so we are waiting for early completion. And sadly, this patch is here, until the user, even if you uninstall the VLC media player classic and KMPlayer is to use instead of, there is no way to protect yourself, other than. Or, who is also a bet that is not hacking, while we continue to patch? In any case, but now I remember that VLC is dangerous.

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