The best weapon to save the planet?

To combat climate change, the reforestation is recognized for its efficiency. After a scorching summer marked by fires that have ravaged tens of thousands of hectares on the planet, initiatives are proliferating everywhere in favor and around the shaft. And if the shaft was returned to the mode the last July 5? Zero will cause with this question. Here simply asked to recall the mini-shock wave that provoked, at the beginning of the summer, the conclusions of a study published in the very serious and internationally respected Science Review. Where it appeared, according to the results of this sum of the work conducted by the Federal Polytechnic School of Zurich, Switzerland, that if we planted thousand billion new trees on the planet, which would be in addition to the 3 000 billion trees already present, there would as well to reduce by 25% the rate of CO2 in the atmosphere.

These thousand billion of additional trees could, in fact, absorb 205 gigatonnes of CO2 in the next decades. They would then cover a surface area of 900 000 hectares, which represents roughly the size of the United States. Would then remain in particular to know where replanting, and decide quarrels of experts, some specialists can estimate that the urgency lies rather in the fact to stop destroying forests, or begin by less burn (or not burn any of fossil energies. It does not prevent: This study has the minimum led to an awareness increased, its impact being increased tenfold by its synchronization with the last IPCC report which came to the same conclusions and advocated similar solutions.

A Knight of the fight against the warming

Added to this, a release in full period of the heatwave, records to the key in many regions of Europe and elsewhere. And whereas, at the same time, fires more and more frequent ravaged the forest coverage, of the Amazon to the Siberia in passing by the Mediterranean. Even, to an Any other scale, in the departments of the former Languedoc-Roussillon. In other words, the planet Burns, literally and in unpublished proportions, as confirmed by the botanist, biologist and global specialist of the shaft Francis Halle.


Taking Precisely the example of the Amazon forest ravaged by the lights: “The present Government has lifted the fines in the case of forest destruction, whereas previously the governments protected the forest”, stated it still. In short, perhaps more than ever before, at the beginning of summer, the populations were ready to hear him sing the praises and virtues of the shaft, definitively consecrated knight without equal in the fight against global warming, guarantors scientists to the support and to decide to plant any-VA, gesture at a time favorable to the environment and not falling under the criteria of a punitive ecology. And, since then, the initiatives to multiply, as we disclaim some below, whether it be individual inspirations, at the scale of a city or other local communities.

High goals, countrywide or locally

А country, such as the Australia, which has set itself the goal of planting, on its only (and huge) territory a billion trees – on a surface area of 400 000 hectares – on the Horizon 2050. An announcement made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison himself last February. Other major nations have already undertaken this type of proactive approaches at the time of the announcement came to Australia. As well, in 2017, India has beaten the world record of 66 million trees planted in only 12 hours thanks to the contest of 1.5 million volunteers.

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