Tips for promoting your health around you

1. Gently on the quantities

Our Western societies born of the thirty glorious years advocated the abundance of food. Remember the meals to extension from 5 to 7 dishes are Sunday noon. These caddies overflowing with food products. These refrigerators which the overweight did not end More… If our habits have fortunately evolved, we still have progressed to make to limit the waste and thus preserve the environment. Without forgetting that reduce the quantities, it also makes the bet better health.

An example of several cases of quantities:

  • For the meat (excluding poultry), we do not need more than 70 grams per day. Beyond, you increase your risk of cancer. Without forgetting the environmental impact of more and more decried;
  • Deli side, the official limit is established at 25 g;
  • Two times per week, consume the fish to the reason of 100 g per person. Either a pavement of salmon or a box of sardines;
  • 5 fruits and vegetables per day, knowing that a portion corresponds to 100 g (a tomato of average size, a handful of cherry tomatoes, 1 handle of green beans, 1 bowl of soup, 1 apple);
  • Finally the alcohol. The new campaign has the merit of being clear: two glasses maximum and not all days!

2. For your heart, reduce the salt

We have always the hand too heavy with the sodium. Yet the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends consuming less than 5 grams per day for adults, the equivalent of a teaspoon. But why this recommendation? Absorb Less than 5 grams per day contributes to lower blood pressure and thus to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and myocardial infarction.

3. Attention also to sugar!

The sugar is hiding everywhere. And you know, in excess, it contributes to the onset of diabetes and therefore of cardiovascular diseases. Avoid fruit juices, sweet drinks, and sodas. And if you really can only you go, limit yourself to a glass per day. Idem for the sugary cereal of breakfast, cakes, creams Dessert, ice. All the more so if it is processed products or ultra-processed. Which proved to be fond of additives (colorants, emulsifiers, Conservatives, flavor enhancers…).

4. The locavore trend, great for the environment and the health

The supply of food of proximity, that is sort of the definition of the locavore. This trend allows all at once to respect the environment, to recognize the work of farmers, cattlemen, and craftsmen of your region. The whole with the certainty to be well informed on the origin of the foods. You will easily find Contacts Associations, shops, sales to the farm. In the city, to find the AMAP The nearest you, visit on the site of the network. Also think of the points of sale collective (PVC), bringing together “a dozen or 20 producers, in general, to put on feet a store of direct sale”.

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