You can trust vitamins, and take some of them differently

According to the results of a new study not at all no matter what are the normal selves form the important vitamins. A fact that audited today already that the vitamins may contribute to our health, a few of them specifically designed to reduce the risk of serious diseases, but does it matter that food or food accessories (prepared from commercial dehydrated tablets, we powders).

So does it matter that the vitamin pills up to the may also increase the risk of cancer? The calcium, for example, is a good influence on the chicken bones, but the Boston University researchers in accordance with tufts of the calcium supplements excessive (daily more than 1000 mg) consumption also can lead to cancer disorders.

In addition, – concluded the more than thirty thousand American coatings instead in the form of research – the entered vitamins not reducing the mortality risk to the 20 years old or older adults. The study has established that the vitamin A and K and the copper, magnesium, and zinc in the context of the appropriate level of the organization was the mortality risk reduction (in particular cardiovascular or the tumor diseases), but only if the intermediary of foodstuffs reached these materials.

With Vitamin D smaller figure in the summer

Similar to what was observed in the case of calcium. The research also showed that vitamin D supplements the application if the organization contains a sufficient quantity of this vitamin, may increase the risk of mortality. The researchers to warn that further tests are required, inter alia instead of long-term taking. Everyone knows that vitamin D helps to strengthen the bones and immunity and his main source is the sun. But most people are not aware that in fact, the vitamin helps and for the weakening. It helps to the faster the degradation of the calcium and phosphorus in the body which is necessary for the strength of the bones.


This also helps to improve the immune system and some studies show that vitamin may prove to be a key and in the fight with the number of kilograms. Many of the people that are struggling with obesity or want to enter into a form that experiences difficulties in removed several kilograms notwithstanding that are subjected to stringent diets and deprivation. If you are of them, then you must check the level of vitamin-D. according to certain studies, lack of indoors swimming can lead to weight gain and even obesity. Some studies have shown that there is some link between increased weight and vitamin D. Аccording to the Brazilian scientists, a deficit of vitamin D is observed in 35 % of people with problematic kilograms and in 24%, which suffer from obesity.

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